The Olseth Family Foundation is working to improve community through support of the arts, education, the environment and the underserved.

Friends of the Hennepin County Library


Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Olseth Family Foundation has supported several strategic library initiatives, including Homework Help and Teen Tech Squad.


We are proud to ensure Homework Help, a free afterschool tutoring program is able to continue offering an array of virtual and individual one-to-one tutoring for students experiencing academic challenges due to distance learning.  In spite of the ever-changing pandemic protocols, lead tutors work with students and parents to create a schedule that meets their needs – from daily check-ins, to weekly sessions, or simply help on request.


In addition, throughout the pandemic we have continued with a long-term commitment to the Teen Tech Squad and Best Buy Teen Tech Center.  These two programs provide access to cutting edge technology to young people, ages 13 to 19, but more importantly the participants find companionship, mentorship, and opportunities for learning and self-expression. COVID-19 has not deterred engagement, rather it has allowed pivoting to new areas, such as the creation of social media videos, virtual online STEM workshops and socially-distanced outdoor courses which explored the physics of successful kite and bridge building, building juice pouch rockets or lessons in chemistry, fluid dynamics and math.

Meals on Wheels:

Changing Lives, One Meal at a Time

The Olseth Family Foundation proudly supports Meals on Wheels People, whose mission is to enrich the lives of seniors, and assist them in maintaining independence, by providing nutritious food, human connections and social support. They also use their expertise and capacity to serve other nutritionally at-risk populations”.


Meals on Wheels People has been changing lives, one meal at a time, since 1970. They provide more than a meal to thousands of older adults in the greater Portland metro area. Their services not only alleviate hunger and social isolation, but allow seniors to live independently, with dignity in their own homes. Aging in place reduces depression, falls and hospitalization as well as the high cost of institutional care.


Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and its economic effects, we are committed to supporting senior food programs and “Meals 4 Kids” which serves qualified low-income children and families within the City of Portland who are experiencing:  1.  food insecurity, 2.  Chronic condition(s) or illness of caregiver or child 3. a facility to prepare meals 4. an inability to access food resources such as food pantries or 5.) other barriers impacting access to food resources and/or ability to prepare meals.  The recipients receive home deliveries of nutritious meals, milk, bread and fresh fruit.


For more information, visit:

Proud to Support the University of Minnesota Raptor Center

Every bird of prey tells an important environmental story – as top predators in the ecosystem they shed light on the health and wellbeing of the world around them. This is why The Olseth Family Foundation supports the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center and their mission, to ensure the health of raptors and the world we share.


Since 1974, The Raptor Center has been a world leader in raptor medicine, developing innovative clinical techniques and setting the standard for rehabilitation, guaranteeing injured and ill raptors recover and return to the wild flying healthy and free.


Education is the core of the Raptor Center’s mission.  Through the lens of these inspiring birds, the Raptor Center reaches hundreds of thousands of people in the public, primarily students and youth.  The unique educational programming addresses critical environmental challenges and motivates people to action by inspiring and encouraging the next generations of nature lovers, scientists, and conservation advocates. In addition, bird lovers from around the world have been trained in the Center’s breakthrough research and expertise, so ill or injured raptors across the globe can benefit.

Olseth Family Foundation Recognizes EV Leaders Across Minnesota


On September 22nd, the Olseth Family Foundation recognized a diverse group of participants through the Recharge Minnesota program. An inaugural group of for-profit and non-profit institutional leaders have joined Recharge Minnesota to support and promote electric vehicles (EVs) across the state. The Olseth Family Foundation was one of the initial outreach sponsors and continues to be a key partner of the Recharge Mankato initiative, upon which the statewide initiative is based.


Organizations recognized by Recharge Minnesota have each pledged to take positive actions related to EVs that fit their circumstance and share their experiences to help others learn.

For more information, visit Recharge Minnesota’s website here >