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NEW PROJECT – Supporting WWF’s Response to Australian Bush Fires

The Olseth Family Foundation has been intimately involved with  WWF initiatives for the past six years.  If you are interested in providing a financial donation toward the Australian devastation, please consider supporting the WWF  bushfire response fund.  Over the the last 40 years, WWF has worked across Australia, in partnership with rural and Indigenous communities, traditional landowners, nonprofits, scientists, businesses, and governments to secure the country’s wild places and iconic species. Through these partners WWF is committed to aiding in restoring what has been lost in this time of climate emergency, and safeguarding Australia’s natural resources for people and wildlife over the long-term.

Specifically, money raised through this fund will:

  • address immediate needs. WWF is already responding to the urgent needs of partners dealing directly with fire impacts, including wildlife response organizations, communities, and scientists.
  • recover critical habitats. After the flames subside, WWF will utilize a science-based approach to restore forests and native bushland.
  • prepare Australia for future emergencies. WWF is committed to ensure recovery, reconstruction, and management responses include innovative solutions that build resilience to climate impacts.