Children’s Museum
of Southern Minnesota

Creating Fun Environments for Learning

Learning, exploring and having fun in Mankato


At Mankato’s newest museum, The Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota, children of all ages can climb, crawl, touch, explore and imagine. Infants and toddlers are safe to explore the Betsy-Tacy inspired play porch. The Coughlan Quarry provides hours of fun with its giant sand pit, moveable crane and a working conveyor system. Tunnels, tubes, and bridges connect six forts which are part of a gigantic tree house. The largest indoor exhibit is the Grow It Gallery, which tells the story of how food we eat makes its way from seed to table.


The Olseth Family Foundation is pleased to be a major supporter of the H2GO outdoor water gallery. This exhibit indulges children’s love of playing with water—splashing in response to moving hands, making it move faster or slower, letting it drip, and watching it swirl, capturing the light and capturing their imaginations. In their playful exploration, they can conduct experiments with water and its properties, gaining understanding that they can apply to the river, animal habitats, and the bathtub.


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