Climate Generation

A Will Steger Legacy

Facilitating Climate Change Conversations


In 2018, the Olseth Family Foundation continued to expand the breadth of program support for Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy.  The Foundation’s support helped Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy to host the Talk Climate Change Institute, the Leadership on Climate Business Workshop, and the annual Summer Institute of Climate Change Educators.


The Talk Climate Institute hosted 65 people for two days of learning to effectively talk about Climate Change with friends, neighbors, colleagues, students and interested groups.  Attendees learned, among other things, that sharing stories of how climate change has had a personal impact is often the most effective method of initiating a constructive conversation with someone who may have a differing viewpoint. By aligning values, barriers can be broken down, common ground found and scientific data introduced.


A Day of Action:  Leadership on Climate Action Business Workshop brought together over 70 representatives from 38 companies and organizations—ranging from multinational to local in scale.  The attendees work-shopped how best to increase and amplify their commitments to carbon reduction and clean energy.


For the third year the Foundation sponsored the Summer Institute of Climate Change Education. This year over 50 educators from 20 states convened in Central Minnesota on 2,900 acres of prairie, forest, and wetlands that have been managed by the Saint John’s Abbey since 1856. The educators experienced first hand how Saint John’s is a living laboratory of place-based climate change education and sustainability by touring the arboretum, pottery studio, solar farm, and how decisions are made by planning 100 years in to a changing future.